2021 6th International Conference on Modern Machinery Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (IC4ME 2021)

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

(1) Manufacturing Technology and Automation

(2) Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications               

(3) Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications      

(4) Theory and Application of Friction and Wear          

(5) Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control                    

(6) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control     

(7) Machine Vision                                             

(8) Sensor Technology                                          

(9) Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems               

(10) Transmission and Control of Fluid                                                  

(11) Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology    

(12) Embedded System                                         

(13) Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment                                  

(14) Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment   

(15) Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment       

(16) Power and Fluid Machinery                            

(17) Energy Machinery and Equipment                   

(18) Construction Machinery and Equipment          

(19) Mechatronics                                                    

(20) Industrial Robotics and Automation           

(21) Novel Photonic Materials and Devices Structure       

(22) Semi-conductor materials            

(23) Insulating materials                     

(24) Electronic materials                      

(25) Non-ferrous Metal material                                                 

(26) Micro / Nano Materials                                                   

(27) Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials  

(28) New Functional Materials          

(29) Building Materials                                

(30) Environmental Friendly Materials      

(31) Earthquake Materials and Design   

(32) Polymeric Materials                

(33) Thin Films                                  

(34) Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology    

(35) Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials      

(36) Research and Development of Composite Materials         

(37) Research and Development of New materials                   

(38) New materials, New Technology and New Products

(39) Energy storage and conversion materials